About us

Created as a means to supply internet users all around the world with a fun, easy and hassle-free way to chat with others, Chatiw is a site for those who love to meet new people.

Who created Chatiw?


Created in 2013 by Mehbali Benyoucef Nassim, Chatiw was born out of the need to fill a gap in the chatting world. Observing that most chatting websites required complicated sign-ups and the release of personal information to the site such as email addresses, Nassim wanted to create a chatting website that would provide so many chat-lovers with what they longed for –balance.

Nassim understood that within this balance, internet users need three things to keep them happy: entertainment, simplicity, and ease of use. With this in mind, he then went on to create Chatiw, the site that would combine all three to give users what they weren’t getting elsewhere. In an online chat world that was filledwith clunky, complicated sites that took too much time to register with, he wanted his chatting website to stand out among the crowd.

Simply put, Chatiw was created to make online chatting easier while retaining all of the mystery and fun of the experience. It was made for those who love online chatting for all that it entails – the excitement of speaking to someone new through messages for the first time, the rush of seeing a friendly stranger’s face on your screen and the bonds that you can form.

Chatiw was also created with singles in mind – something that many other chatting sites fail to do. Its amazing simplicity draws persons who are seeking companionship to it, and they soon realize just how easy it is to meet the person of their dreams by using this site compared to countless others. We’ve received numerous messages thanking us for creating a site that allowed them to find their soul mate, and every time we get one more, it warms our hearts.

Chatiw offers both text and video chatting options, giving users the option to connect deeply with new friends or mates in any manner they choose. The Chatiw app is also available on the Google Play store, as we know that almost 80% of time spent online is done via mobile devices. It’s all about choice, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible when you’re chatting.

In the end, here’s where Chatiw winswhere other sites don’t:

  • Makes text and video chatting simple
  • Mere seconds needed to fill out a simple form
  • Requires no type of registration or sign-up
  • App available for mobile users

As a company, Chatiw gives you the opportunity to connect with those all around the world freely and effortlessly. We believe that virtual connections are just as important as physical ones, and are proud to give you a platform to do so.

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